Jiltrain Shiba Inu
Champion  Louby Lou

Jiltrain Shiba Inu Temperament

Shiba Inu's are frequently referred to as 'fox like' although the red Shiba's do have a physical resemblance, that is where the likeness ends to their cunning and whiley cousins. Shiba's have a great temperament that makes them confident in the show ring, loyal pets who will guard their territory with a no nonsense bark and most importantly very easy to train. They are happy to live outside as long as they have a dry and warm sleeping area and their outside space is kept clean, they are equally as happy to live in your house and are paper trained as puppies before they are re-homed.

When you have a Shiba from us you become part of our extended family and we will give you help and advice 24 hours a day seven days a week. We like to know how our dogs are getting along and always like to know if for some unfortunate reason you are having to find another home for your dog, we are always happy to take back any of our dogs.

Ch Jiltrain Jack the Lad
Ch Jiltrain Jack the Lad
Ch Jiltrain Loubylou
Ch Jiltrain Snowstorm
Jiltrain_Gingerbread man
Jiltrain magic Moments
Ch Jiltrain Jack the Lad
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